A Defense of (Reformed) Amillenialism

Prof. David J. Engelsma

In a series of editorials in the Standard Bearer from April 1, 1995 through December 15, 1996, Prof. David J. Engelsma presents a defense of Amillennialism against Postmillennialism.

Contents of the Articles

  1. An Introduction
  2. Revelation 20
  3. Apostasy and Persecution
  4. Matthew 24 (Again)
  5. Matthew 24 (Continued)
  6. Matthew 24 (Continued)
  7. Matthew 24 (Concluded)
  8. Those Glorious Prospects in Old Testament Prophecy
  9. A Spiritual Interpretation of Isaiah 65:17ff.
  10. A Spiritual Fulfillment of Isaiah 65:17ff.
  11. A Spiritual Fulfillment of Isaiah 65:17ff (Concluded)
  12. The Victory of Christ in History
  13. The Vistory of Christ in History (Concluded)

Web Editors Note:

Professor David Engelsma's articles have been published in book form by The Reformed Witness, Redlands, California and is available under the title:

Christ's Spiritual Kingdom,
A Defense of Reformed Amillennialism.

The original series began with an editorial "A Hope of the Saints," which addressed the subject of the believer's hope after death or the intermediate state. This was followed by another editoral, "Jewish Dreams, " which addressed the believer's hope in the second coming of Christ and the errors of Postmillennialism.

These editorials have been added to the series from the Standard Bearer.

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