An Exposition of Christian Liberty

Rev. Robert C. Harbach

Published by the
Federation of Protestant Reformed
Young People's Societies


To All Christian and Reformed Young People

who by God's grace vow to live a
life consecrated to the Lord in the
liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.


How Christians Should Use Their Christian Liberty

"Christian liberty is always controlled; its controlling power (principle, RCH) is love. It remains liberty only when it is under this control, otherwise it becomes license which runs wild."

Luther put it into a striking paradox:

" 'A Christian man is free lord over all things and subject to no one.'
" 'A Christian man is a subservient slave of all things and subject to everyone.'
"Luther learned this from Paul whose best pupil he is. The key to the paradox is love. Love makes liberty both the safest and the most valuable possession. It fills this liberty with both beauty and happiness."

-R. C. H. Lenski *

*on Gal. 5:13; cpo also I Cor. 8:9; I Pet. 2:16.

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  4. Christian Liberty and Observance of Days
  5. Christian Liberty and Occasions To Fall
  6. Christian Liberty and Offenses
  7. Christian Liberty and the Principle of Faith