What is Protestant Reformed Missions?
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Missions and evangelism belong to the work of the gospel committed to the church by the command of Christ to preach the gospel to every creature. There are, however, false notions of missions, evangelism, and how that work is to be done. The Word of God also must determine how we serve the Lord by doing mission work and evangelism.

Jesus Himself taught us the basic principles of this calling. He told us what to do:

Genuine evangelism or mission work is first of all obedience to Christ. God is in Christ the sovereign Lord also of missions, evangelism, and biblical outreach. The following is a series focusing on laboring under God's sovereignty in missions and evangelism.

The following are a further general discussion of some of these issues:

In harmony with the teaching of Scripture the Protestant Reformed churches have also a form for the ordination of missionaries. This form is not only used in the liturgy for ordaining and sending missionaries but is also a doctrinal statement and confession of the scriptural principles of mission work and the calling and duties of missionaries.

The work of missions and evangelism:

The home mission work of the Protestant Reformed Churches is rooted in the command of Christ to preach the gospel to every creature and to make disciples of all nations, Matt. 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15. It is grounded upon the principle that Christ by His Word and Spirit will gather His church out of the nations. In harmony with this, we believe that mission work and evangelism consists centrally of the preaching of the gospel by which God efficaciously works faith in the hearts of men (Rom 10:13-17; John 10:27, 28). We reject therefore those human inventions which men call evangelism, together with the corrupt doctrine upon which they rest, and which Christ has neither taught nor commanded in His Word, but which men have introduced into the Christian church.

We believe that the word, walk, witness, and confession of believers serves as a means, in God's grace, to draw men to Christ under the preaching of His Word (John 4:28-30, 42), but that this witness of believers finds its center under the regular preaching and teaching of the gospel in the church by which men are brought to faith in Christ.

The calling to preach the gospel:

In harmony with that calling to bring the gospel to the nations, we find in the Scriptures, after the pattern of Christ and the apostles a two-fold calling. First of all, we are called to bring the gospel to those who are unbelieving or who have never heard the gospel in their generations as the apostles preached to the gentiles. Secondly, we are called also to bring the gospel to those who in their generations have known the gospel but have drifted or strayed into error, false doctrine, and confusion and who now find themselves in churches where the gospel is no longer purely preached or known, as the apostles and Christ preached to the Old Testament church of their day, the Jews and proselytes, to lead them into the blessings of the gospel in Christ. We therefore bring the gospel both to the unbelieving and unconverted and to the those who have strayed, laboring also in church reformation.

Seeking those who are interested:

As home missionary based in the West, Rev. Thomas Miersma is called to labor not only with the fellowship here in Spokane but also to work with other interested groups or persons who desire to learn more about the Reformed faith as the Protestant Reformed Churches confess it. He is interested in meeting locally but also in the western U.S.A. and Canada with those who are interested or would like more information. He is willing to answer questions.