Who we are What is Protestant Reformed?

Quoting from “The Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches, “The word ‘Protestant’ in the name ‘Protestant Reformed’ indicates a close adherence to the great Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.” By this work of God, the Christian church was “reformed” on the basis of God’s Word and restored to the faith “once delivered to the saints,” (Jude 3). This reformation was a return to the doctrine and confession of historic Christianity.

What do you mean by “Calvinistic?”

John Calvin, a minister of the Word of God, who was led by God out of the church of Rome in the 16th century, pastored a Reformed church in Geneva, Switzerland. God used him to reform His church, founding it anew on the principles of the Bible. His scriptural teaching influenced the whole Christian church, particularly Reformed, Presbyterian, and Congregational churches all over Europe, and eventually the New World. He systematically set forth the doctrines of grace, according to the scriptures.

These were summarized by the Reformed churches of the Netherlands in the early 17th century as the Five Points of Calvinism or TULIP, an acrostic sometimes used as a memory aid. You may find a brief summary of these fundamental truths of God’s Word, which we believe, in the pamphlet The Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches. They are set forth in full detail in our confessions, The Three Forms of Unity, particularly in the Canons of Dordt.

What is the Covenant of Grace Protestant Reformed Church?

We are a body of like-minded believers whom God has gathered here in the Spokane area as a Protestant Reformed Church. After ten years as a mission field of the PRCA we were instituted as a church on march 31, 2009.

We continue to labor in the Word and evangelism to the end that men might know the grace of of our faithful covenant God in Jesus Christ.

Can you tell me more about the Protestant Reformed Churches?

The Protestant Reformed Churches have their beginnings in 1924. A small denomination with established congregations in the United States and Canada, they are also active in the work of missions with work in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to this they have sent missionaries to Northern Ireland, the Philippines, and Singapore.

A seminary in Grandville, Michigan, staffed by three professors, trains men for the ministry in a rigorous four-year program.

To learn more about the Protestant Reformed churches, go to the pamphlet The Faith and Practice of the Protestant Reformed Churches

Why did you choose the name Covenant of Grace?

We believe, according to the Bible, that God is in Himself a covenant God, that is, a God who lives within His own divine being a life of love and fellowship, as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amazingly, He promises to take a people, believers and their elect children, into this covenant life through the wonder of salvation in Jesus Christ. (Gen. 17:7; Acts 2:39)

This covenant of grace stands at the heart of Who God is, who we are by His grace, and how we view all our life in all its relationships. This relation of spiritual friendship and communion as believers and our children with God in Christ goes to the heart of the gospel of grace. (Acts 16:31) The doctrine of the covenant of grace is also the distinct heritage of the Reformed